Monday Musings.

Pogue, Monday again. Another week. What will it bring? I remain homeless whilst I await the completion of our apartment so I’m heading off to another bed in a different location and this time…it’s your spare bed! So next week it will be ConversationswithPogue, maybe. Anyway, room for a little craziness, if I may? It’s … Continue reading Monday Musings.

Songs To Pogue…What I’m listening to now

New artist Pogue, At least in my world. So I bought a new pair of headphones and along comes Apple offering me 6 months free subscription to Apple Music. It’s not the first time they’ve offered and I’ve resisted because, well, I’m old school and use Napster. But this morning I succumbed because I thought … Continue reading Songs To Pogue…What I’m listening to now

Monday Musing

Pogue, Good Morning. I think we both would agree that the world is changing and doing so at a pace. Most change is part of an evolution, all be it ever quickening, but occasionally we get side swiped as with the pandemic. There are things that we just don’t see coming. But which ever way … Continue reading Monday Musing

Songs Pogue…What I’m Listening to

What’s Up Pogue 😎, All this temporary accommodation I’ve lived in recently and the living out of suitcases…it’s made me remiss in sharing my music with you. And you know where ever I am and what ever I’m doing, there’s always music 🎵 🎶😁 So here’s a song I heard whilst standing in a shop … Continue reading Songs Pogue…What I’m Listening to