Before You Read My Blog

Over the years I have come to realise that language can be so divisive. American’s have a yard, the British a garden. The Scots say “wee”, the English say “small”.

So with the ultimate being or force. Many use “God”. More recently others have spoken of “Source” or the “Infinite”. One of my favourites is the Native Indian American, “The Great Spirit”. There are more words used but I’m sure you get the idea.

And then, for those who speak of God and predominantly refer to “He”. A male deity. In more recent times feminists theologians have strived to wrest God language back and replaced “He” with “She”, and affirm the feminine nature of God. After all, is not the perfection of male and female found in God?

I do not want to be limited by language or terminology so I feel free to move between titles, even in the same paragraph. I know I am referring to the same, ultimate, entity and do not wish to put readers off by using a term that is not one they are familiar with or would not use themselves. Please read in what ever enables you to best understand.