Monday Musing


We’ve just ended the craziest of years! And where you and I sit, there’s still more to come as the pandemic takes a new turn, mutates and comes up smiling. But we’ll get through. Not quite as we might have planned, a more subdued lifestyles for a while I’m sure but let’s turn that to our good. You see, in all the teachings we’ve talked about and exchanged letters on there exist admonitions to live right, normally starting with right thought. But then a thought is the father of every action.

Let me give you an example you will recognise.

Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise.

The Bible. Philipians 4:8

Our friend Paul calling his readers to focus their thoughts and in so doing focus their actions. Others, many others, have said the same thing.

We are shaped by our thoughts; We become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.


Not all use the same language and that can always be a stumbling block to those who choose to close their minds. We wrote on the Law of Attraction and said there was a need to focus our thoughts, unwaveringly, on the object or situation we desire to create. We align with the Universe, attain the same frequency, remembering all is energy, to see success. We have discussed meditation and prayer this year in our correspondence and decided both are paths to aligning with the Divine, with the Universe, to raising ourselves to higher levels, a better existence. Maybe we could talk about reaching the same energy. I know, it doesn’t sound so spiritual, it might even sound like science, but somewhere here is a universal principle, a Law if you like. It’s popping up all over the place!

In the year ahead, with the extra time we have been handed, maybe a heightening of our thoughts, leading to a better lifestyle, might not be a bad goal. Perhaps a stock take on the things we think, and what preceeds those thoughts. Are we uplifted, are we energised, do we experience joy?

Possess a pure, kindly and radiant heart.


Let me know what you think and while you do that, maybe I’ll write another Law, a Law of Pure Thought.

Yours, on a Monday,


2 thoughts on “Monday Musing

  1. Great post!
    If I looked around me, at the circumstances and choices the children and I have, I will definitely only see doom and gloom, and failure ahead for us.
    But there is one choice in there that will have the entirely opposite effect : to choose to NOT LOOK AROUND ME, and instead focus on ALL THINGS GOOD.
    Because THAT state of mind? Well, it can only bring success in all the things that matter! ❤
    (And I am not saying that I will bury my head in the sand – reality is reality…. but if I change the way I look at it, and keep moving forward despite it, then who knows what great things might happen 😉 )


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