The Fox

The fox is an animal of the nightRunningLaughingHunterExhorting in the embrace of darknessSafeAnd smiling Me?I shelter in my roomClinging to the embers of the retiring fireEnticing the warmth to lingerThe candle to tarry just a little longerFor the dark is a place of fearAnd the unknown and things hopefully forgotten The fox dances a mocking … Continue reading The Fox

Songs To Pogue…What I’m listening to now

Pogue, I guess we’re all listening to Christmas songs whether we like it or not😏Every time you turn the radio on there they are. And in fairness there are some good songs played at Christmas, and some really lame ones🥺 One of my favourites that I never seem to tire of is Driving Home For … Continue reading Songs To Pogue…What I’m listening to now

The Crow

There’s a crow on the fenceAnd she’s watching meWatching me And I know she knows more than I doBecause she’s been here a hundred yearsA thousand yearsLong before I sat downShe wonders at the futility of my lifeThe strugglesThe effortThe hopesThe dreams She wonders at all men and womenAnd the way they liveNever accepting the … Continue reading The Crow


There’s an original thought out there It’s mine It’s not yoursIt’s out amongst the stars And on the breezeIt whisper in the trees with the leaves sing alongSo leave it alone becauseIt’s not yours to have It took more years than you’ve known To bring it to lifeMore experience than you’ve gained To breath in … Continue reading Thought