Monday Musings

Dear Pogue, I’ve been writing to you about simplifying life. About cleansing the space around and about us. Minimising. I’ve told you how, surprisingly, I’ve found a liberty I haven’t known for a long time as I unattached from possessions. Happy Days! Now this theme seems to have resonated with a number of others and … Continue reading Monday Musings

Songs to Pogue…What I’m Listening to

Pogue, New artist, at least for me, probably not for you🤔 So I heard this song while enjoying some Chinese food with friends (and a cheeky beer😳). And I had to share it. Not much else to say. So here is Rictor with You and Me and Somehow. I hope you really enjoy this. … Continue reading Songs to Pogue…What I’m Listening to

Monday Musing

Dear Pogue, Last Monday I wrote you about my forth coming move, how I’ve got rid of a lot of possessions and the fact that, to my surprise, I’m finding this sort of liberating. Well that letter has provoked a number of comments and, thankfully, they have all been positive😊 It appears that a lot … Continue reading Monday Musing