Monday Musings

Dear Pogue,

I’ve been writing to you about simplifying life. About cleansing the space around and about us. Minimising. I’ve told you how, surprisingly, I’ve found a liberty I haven’t known for a long time as I unattached from possessions. Happy Days!

Now this theme seems to have resonated with a number of others and I’ve received correspondence. This week one person paused to say they had, not long ago, moved from an apartment to a house. They initially did not have enough possessions to furnish the property but now, some time later, they have so many possessions that they can’t get the car into the garage. It happens and I’ve been there. There is always a temptation to fill the space we have. It’s said nature abhors a vacuum but I’m thinking space is good and introduces freedoms we may have lost.

Another person made an observation that I had not thought of before. They took time to point out that being able to downsize was actually a blessing, meaning, I think, that I was able to exercise a choice to live with or without. Think about it. That is a privileged position to live in and a place the majority don’t know. Now there’s a thought to make me think twice next time I go for some retail therapy. Is this something that I need? Will I make use of it?

Now I am not a “can I get this cheaper” sort of person. From experience, paying for quality is often good economy in the long term. If I have to pay 50% more but can expect a longer life and a better experienced when using a thing it’s a done deal. That said I won’t pay just to have a label or logo. If a particular brand gives me a superior product I’m in. If it just says “look at me”, you can keep it. Look at me! Pogue, what do you think these boyish good looks are for anyway!

So it transpires it’s a blessing to gain and it’s a blessing to give away. Yes, both should be done wisely because giving has responsibility attached and can be life altering for someone else just as much as me gaining something can change my life. Give with kindness and a view to seeing another’s situation improved. I guess “am I being kind” should override all our actions.

It always seems to come back to kindness doesn’t it Pogue.

Yours, looking to bless others,


One thought on “Monday Musings

  1. I have taken a visiting friends lately to my favorite store in a near by town. It is a woman’s store for sure since it’s all about decorations for the house, just a few tshirts and a few pieces of jewery, but lots of house ware items. I need nothing more to add to my walls, tables, etc. So I did the best thing, I walked around with my friend and she founds some cloth napkins she loved and I ended up buying them for her. I felt great, no added stuff for my place, and she was happy and I was happy she was happy. I think I am going to use that way of keeping from buying things I don’t need, it made me extremely happy. Keep purging.

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