Monday Musing

Morning Pogue,

Let’s get straight in this morning. Busy day ahead.

In Freakonomics, written by the Steve’s, Levitt and Dubner, there is a chapter on child education theory dealing with questions about the possible effects of racial background, economic background, parents etc (yeap, I’m reading, AGAIN!). The authors come to a conclusion, based not on the many theories available on educating children but analysis of available data. Thing is, the numbers regularly debunk the theories and as the Steve’s comment at the beginning of the chapter, there is always another theory that will disagree and, each theory is only current for so long. In fact most recent parenting theories and books appear to actually add nothing to a child’s education achievement despite their claims. However, please keep buying them as they add significantly to the author’s bank balance!

OK. The one think that comes through loud and clear is, despite contrary advice, it’s not what you do or what you are but who you are as a person and a parent that makes the greatest difference in a child’s development. And, isn’t that a life lesson? Isn’t that a deep truth? And…isn’t the world crying out for these people, people who are more concerned with who they are than what they could be?

You see, who you are as a person, whether you’re patient, kind, open minded or short tempered and set in your views will have a bearing on your parenting. How ever much money you spend, a lot or a little, has considerably less bearing on your child’s education than how you interact with your child.

And so in life. With little money and few possession there are many who have put more into the lives of others because they have just turned up and been themselves. They have given from who they are and that can be a most powerful thing. A deep well to drink from. So, if you take good care of yourself and strive to be the best person you can you are nurturing a potential that you can later release. And someone else benefits.

This week, concentrate on who you are as a person not what you are. Strive to be the very best person you can be without relying on status or position. In the whole scheme of things, and a defined life span, maybe the proverbial three score and ten years, who cares if you are the CEO or not? OK, you impress someone and someone cares, but how much do you have to put in to extricating the appreciation? Rather, just turn up and be the genuine, the concerned and caring individual you are and, hey, you’ll be a winner. High five that. Then do it again and again…

Plus, your children’s education will excel. Well at least if the numbers are right….

Off to be busy now,


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