Is it right or is it left?

Dear Pogue,

I woke this morning with a writing head on! You know that one? When there are so many thoughts spinning around and knowing where to start is an issue in itself. Plus, despite my best intentions I am not very disciplined and often, having the very best ideas, fail to write them down and…they are gone…like smoke rings on a windy day. Perfect for a moment then lost forever. My bad!

So, in a death defying act I am going to try and bring two ideas together whilst resisting the urge to go for a run (do I need a drum roll to start this?).

Here’s my two thoughts. Let me get them down on paper so they won’t be forgotten.

Firstly, as said in our last correspondence I have been thinking about the Human Experience and how each of us needs many, many lives to be able to begin to understand what it means to be human. So I arrived at thoughts on reincarnation as a possible answer. You and I returning to a very different experience and building our portfolio of what it means to be human.

Secondly, I’ve been reading AGAIN! Sneaking off to quiet corners, coffee in hand, and not reappearing until the light begins to fade. But this is no novel I’m reading rather a history book that has lingered on my reading list too long. William Shirer’s The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. A master piece of research and a hefty volume all in one. I think this will take me two or three months to complete, allowing for literary distraction but I am well into the early years of the Reich and have been struck by two thoughts (yes, two more thoughts. Shall we call them thought-lets to keep them distinct from our initial thoughts?)

Reading, I have come to appreciate that Hitler was certainly in it for the long game and it was a long path that led to the fateful event that was World War II. More than 20 years. He may have been many things, a lot of them not good, but he was committed to the cause.

Then as I have read the vast detail that makes up the book I have come to realise how fragile a path it was that eventually led to his rise. Let me elaborate. It was in the happening of certain events, many minor, the meeting with people who would play very small roles in his life, the incidental actions of others easily forgotten, that he came to be precisely the man he was. If anyone of these had not been there would he have succeed? I am not so sure.

And, if you had not done the things you’ve done in the manner you’ve done them what would your life now look like? You met a person who was here and then gone but caused you to make a decision. You pondered and then made a choice. You tripped and fell and missed the train… How might your life have been altered if you’d turned left that day instead of right? So is life really that arbitrary? A series of chances? We duck and weave through life and call it our experience, our Human Experience. But are we only scratching the surface of what it means to be human?

Now wrap your head around this one if you can. In 2012 Dr Harcoche and Dr Wineland received a Nobel Prize for their studies in the field of Quantum Mechanics. Their achievement? They were able to prove that an electron can be in two places at the same time. Now this proof validated the ‘Many Worlds’ theory which states that all possible worlds exist in parallel. Mind blowing or what? Can you even grasp it? But if it is true the possibility of having all possible human experiences is a reality.

We can break for a few minutes while you lay down and think about this one. No, you want to continue? OK, here goes.

So is it possible that we do make other choices and live another, parallel life? That we in fact get to experience the outcome of all possible choices? In fact, is reincarnation a poor attempt to explain something that science is only just beginning to unravel? History lists many things that science was only able to prove years after the claim was made.

Indeed, are we having a much fuller experience than we currently realise? So many strange questions!

Let me leave you with this.

In an hour you’ll leave your house to go to the shops and, leaving the house you normally turn left but today you fancy a little variety and so you turn right. The sun’s shining. It’s a good day. Having walked ten minutes you meet a friend on the way to an interview. You talk for several minutes and then she gets in her car and leaves. But, 60 seconds before she joins the main highway, an accident occurs. A lorry turns over and the road is blocked for two hours. She doesn’t make the interview and someone else gets the job, the job she wanted so badly and was the ideal candidate for. The job that would have significantly increased her salary and, boy, could she use a rise because she and her husband are struggling to make ends meet. In fact, now the financial situation will get worse and this, coupled with the onset of depression from continuing to do a job she hates, will cause her marriage to break down, Divorce!

Was this all because today of all days you fancied a little variety and turned right? But don’t concern yourself because in another reality she will not pause for a second coffee so, leaving the house will not meet you, not be delayed joining the highway, miss the accident, ace the interview and get the job! Her marriage will go on for 50 more years and she’ll end up CEO of her new employer. 🖐 High Five that.

It really is too much to think about but, because I’m cruel and heartless I’ll leave you to think about it anyway.

Have a good one, which ever one you choose.

Yours, choosing the very best of realities,


P.S The ‘very best of realities’, is that right or left?

2 thoughts on “Is it right or is it left?

  1. Wondering what if was my first real search for who I was or why I was where I was and what if I was not born. In later years I did wonder what if I had not got married so young and went to college or something beside getting married. There have been a few times God protected me from one of those left turns and I knew it afterwards. Many times I have had insight into a human experience that left me knowing for sure there was a God who knew me and wanted me to know Him. I try to not go too far from the Bible when thinking out of the box ideas. I leave that kind of thinking to the New Agers and the spiritualist. I have had my years of thinking on different rabbit trails…they never ended in peace for me. Good thinking out of the box post.

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    • There’s a rabbit hole or two still waiting to be explored and God turns up in the most unexpected places. I guess that’s the problem with omnipresence 🥴


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