Monday Musings

Morning Pogue,

There’s a story told about the artist Picasso. Apparently one day whilst having coffee at a cafe he took out his pen and doodled on a napkin. This he did for a few minutes and then, he finished his coffee and made to leave. He was about to throw away the napkin with the doodling on it when a woman who had been watching him approached and asked if she could have the napkin. As the great man paused she added, “I will pay you for it”. To this Picasso replied, “Then that will be $100,000”.

The woman was stunned and having gathered herself said, “But it only took you 3 or 4 minutes to draw this”. “Madam” Picasso answered, “It took me a lifetime to be able to draw this”.

Did she get the napkin? I don’t know. The point is, we do what we do well because we have put in the hard hours. A thing is done over and over, returning to it after both success and failure. We develop muscle memory and transform conscious and subconscious ones. I wonder how many sketches and paintings had been assigned to the bin before Picasso could freely pen the drawing on the napkin.

If you feel discouraged in what you do take a break and come back later and try again, and again. Practice when no one is looking so that one day people will see you. Success is the peak at the end of a long mountain climb. But with perseverance you can get there.

Pogue, have a good one,


4 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. I have a story about a painter too🤭 I recently read that Van Gogh cut off his ear for a woman he loved. I can’t verify that it’s true but it’s a story.
    Yes to practice. I think we get so accustomed to seeing the world’s big moments we never consider that there were little moments all along. Which probably makes us shy away from ours but practice is the word!

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  2. There are times we get frustrated with our failures..and that’s the time when we forget that success is waiting for us on the next door.. And we simply take our steps back… This is where we need perseverance… A kind of hope and patience combined together… Just hope for the best… And continue to take every step.. Be it a slow one.. This is what shows your dedication towards achieving your aim..
    Ultimately we have to reach the peak…!!

    Thank you Wic for such motivating musings..they really speak a lot about our life…!! 😊

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  3. Practice makes permanent,” say the neuroscientists, of any skill or behavior we wish to habituate. I guess that is also the reason why it is so hard to kick bad old habits, too! Maybe Picasso was writing his to-do list for the day or grocery list… and that, too, would be valuable ephemera for collectors.
    There’s a podcast I heard a couple months ago in which the host asks the guest the story behind one thing he/she/they have collected. The most seemingly trifling things had enormous significance to the persons who were interviewed. The child of a hoarder, I am most vehemently not a collector of anything, although I do enjoy, vicariously, the collections of others. You do provoke thoughts, Wic.

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