Monday Musings

Hey Pogue,

Sitting here in Copenhagen Airport and whiling away the time until I fly I have been checking out my blog. I wrote another poem, my second which was inspired by a discovery I thought I’d made. Looking at people who had ‘liked me’ I came across someone who’s blog has posted a piece that seemed strangely reminiscent of something I had recently written. For clarity, the person published after me.

So I’m wondering what part, of any, did my piece play. My highly original piece. My highly original, well worth reading, piece.

I wrote my second poem in response to an initial thought that they had rehashed my ideas. But writing poetry involves me writing, reading, , adding, changing words and then reading all over. So you can see there is a lot of thought involved and during the process I began to muse over the following.

Had the person actually taken my idea and repackaged it as they own? Or had they come to it independently, at the same time, because the thought was out there in the ether? Let me elaborate.

We’ve corresponded on the fact that there is a string of similar, very similar texts in the religions of the world. Also that they developed at the same moment on some occasions. That they may have had little or no chance of influencing each other. But there they are, different language, altered images and setting but the same message. There seems to be creative inspiration that flows out into the world and creative people grasp it and interpret it within there own context.

It’s a creative universe, the canvas of the creator God and creativity flows continuously never ceasing. It’s our part to grasp it, unpack it, reveal it, if we can be bothered. Anyone can create. It’s within our nature if we would but listen. And the potential is limitless.

So, back to my blog. Was it the vehicle for the other writer? I guess I will never know so I’m hoping this was a person of integrity who heard the Universe the same way I think I did. And ideas expand as they move out. Think ripples on a pond spreading out until they eventually disappear. You on your side of the pond are touched by the same ripples as me on my side. No coincidence but synchronicity at work.

And if someone else’s creativity strikes a chord with you and you see further than they have to date, then acknowledge the initial point of inspiration, give credit where it’s due and then create. Always acknowledge the point of origin.

So, go create this week. Later this week I may put my poem out there, just in case🤔

Yours, from my side of the pond,


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