New Possibilities

Well Pogue,

We have just celebrated Christmas which, apart from being a wonderful opportunity to over indulge, is the actual recognition of an event. The coming of Christ, or to unpack that just a little, God choosing to take the form of a man and to live a in the backwater of the world. Now God becoming a man, or to be technical, God becoming incarnate, has been wrestled with by theologians for nigh on 2000 years and there are a number of theories, doctrines and stances on how this could be but if you can just accept that it happened you will save me from needing to expound any of these.

OK? Good, well let’s move on into the New Year.

What I write to say is that the world changed that first Christmas and an era of new possibilities was ushered in. Now I’ve been thinking, again (!), that we have lost sight of the possibilities and focus has moved to the person who introduced them. The man rather than the message if you like. Yet, if the message was enough for him to come and tell, shouldn’t we maybe look beyond him to what he said?

But seek you first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these other things shall be added to you.

Matthew 6:33

You know what the message is don’t you? The Kingdom of Heaven, or God, both terms are used, has arrived and with it a new era of possibilities. Let me put it out there. Many strive for, work towards, aspire to Heaven, whatever form they perceive that to take. But what seems to pass so many by is the fact that it is here amongst us. Yes, I know a statement like that opens the doors for a myriad of questions and some objections I’m sure (I mean, what would such things be without a little push-back?). It’s as inevitable as waves on the beach. Top of the list will be something like; “So you think this is Heaven’, followed by “Have you seen the state of things?” or maybe, “Can I have some of what your taking as it’s obviously good”.

OK, I know the world is off the rails. I have no illusions as recent letters have made clear. But that doesn’t change the fact that possibilities exist. Someone called it the “presence of the future” and another likened it to a decisive battle which, whilst not ending the war, made the outcome inevitable. Yes the fighting continues but the outcome is assured. As such, the possibility of improving things for ourselves and others has become a reality in the here and now. And that is my kinda spirituality. Not a distant promise of a home in the sky in the future, maybe (there always seem to be some qualifying requirements!) but evidence of the presence of the Creative Force, the Divine amongst us now.

The entire Universe is conspiring to give you everything you want.

Abraham Hicks

Last year I wrote you on the Law of Attraction and a number of people liked it. Made me smile. Now the Law of Attraction proposes the presence of a power that can bring about the enrichment of the individuals life as various things or situations are attracted into their life. However, the Law of Attraction is only potential if the individual aligns their desire, their life with the Universe, that delivers the outcome. People talk about being at the correct frequency to attract. How different is that from those who talk of doing God’s will? Aligning oneself with that? I remember someone telling me the secret to happiness was to find out what the Divine was doing in the world and become involved. It’s all language, the same thing presented in differing ways. The underlying truth is that potential has come into the world and now exists amongst us.

Sometimes I just stop, take a moment and smile. Then I find myself saying, ” I know that was you God. Thank you, it’s a good thing”


So should we determine that this year we strive to realise a little more of that possibility. To know the future that dwells amongst us and live for now, not some future that, in honesty, very very few seem to be assured of. Dare I suggest there is the possibility of Heaven on earth breaking in, albeit in small ways. Yes, we will have to learn to believe as the Law of Attraction makes clear you can’t want something to manifest in your life and not believe it will. We will have to align ourselves with God, with the frequencies that pervade our world. You want to know health and healing this year, then you need to find that frequency, that walk with God, that place where the possibility is made real. Like, I want to listen to rock music on 97mhz and I tune my radio to 86mhz and get country music, it’s not the radio’s fault. If I can’t get my part right I can’t get what I want. Simple. There is a walk that is appropriate to realising the future you desire, whatever language you use to express that. It is about focus and belief and quite possibly the putting aside of things that hinder on that path. Some call that sacrifice and make a big thing of it. Don’t do that.

Rather believe that the “the presence of the future” is a real thing and God, the Divine, the Universe, you choose your terminology, chose to come dwell amongst us to make possible Heaven now and having done so wants us to realise it. What a year it could be!

Yours, looking for a small piece of Heaven now,


One thought on “New Possibilities

  1. Once again you have touch on what I call, “a little touch of heaven”. I do believe a literal heaven, a new Jerusalem, an after life where no sin can abide, believe that and more. But I also believe on that heaven here on earth when we chose to forgive someone, help someone, be a part of seeing someone be set free from other abuses, self abuse and all that goes with that. The literal heaven is not here yet, but getting a little taste of it helps me to keep focused as I journey on earth. I use to sing with a couple of friends, we were called, Sweet Spirit and there were many times singing about the Lord when we were so entuned with the message I felt a little taste of heaven. I can feel that when I hear great harmony from any kind of singing, voices that blend and cause cold chills to pop up. When I see God in the middle of a hard trial, I see a glimpse of heaven. the last part of your post hit home, to give to someone a little piece of heaven here on earth could just make them want it forever. I am cleaning house today, gonna crank up my southern gospel music real loud and experience a little piece of heaven for me. Really good post Wic.

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