Monday Musings

So Pogue,

My first post of the year, aside from my Musings of course, declared that we live in a world full of potential. It’s all about us. Heaven is breaking in whenever the chance presents itself.

Yet so many live such poor lives. Not necessarily monetarily poor, but obviously that exists. Rather with no sense of purpose or belief in a future. It has often been said that the majority of people exist as opposed to live. Struggle to see the point of it all.

So, continuing my thesis into this New Year, and maintaining that potential awaits for each and everyone, what is the issue? We’ve spoken of the Law of Attraction and its possibilities, we’ve quoted spiritual writings where the Divine makes promises to provide all good things, we’ve lingered over the power of prayer and the power of meditation. Where are we going wrong?

If all is given by a bountiful God, a generous Universe should we even need to ask for what is needed? Would we be so wrong to live assuming it is ours and will be there when required? Is that what is referred to as ‘faith’? Have you ever met someone who attracts things into their life? Or a person who just assumes the presence of healing and, believing this, gives it away to those in need? I have and let me say they are very ordinary people in many ways. It’s just they seem to know something the majority don’t. They realised that if the potential was not being manifest in their lives the problem was not at God’s end, it was at their’s and they set about sorting things out.

That’s our plan for the New Year, to sort things out and live within the potential of the Universe and it will be fun, believe me, because Love is the over riding principle in all of this and who couldn’t use a little more love?

Enjoy a week discovering the potential,


5 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. Love this post – I’ve been thinking over potentiality a lot recently, what it means how is it accessed etc.

    Thanks for sharing Wic-laa


  2. Well I am ready to live life at 74 to it’s fullest. It’s been a foggy year for me, both mentally and physically. I am beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel, it might be the lights of heaven and if so I will embrace it. And it might be the lights of a renewed spirit in my soul. Today I was offered to teach a bible study. I almost leap to high when ask because I have been praying for the opportunity to do this again. Nothing stirs my heart more then helping others grow in their knowledge of the God who loves us more then any other. Great post Wic…challenging, encouraging and full of refreshment after a hard weather. Thanks.


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