Songs to Pogue…what I’m listening to now.


Last song of the year and I’ve been sitting here playing an old, favourite album. Blood on the Tracks by Bob Dylan. Sometimes I find myself just wondering how someone can think up the lyrics. Have the thoughts. Capture feelings so accurately. Bob Dylan is one of those people, and this is my favourite Dylan album.

He weaves spells with his words and leaves the listener bound in imagery that touches memories and evokes possibilities.

So I’m finishing the year with a song by Bob. But…and here’s the kicker, the last kicker of the year😎, I’ve chosen a cover version. Why? Well the singer Madeleine Peyroux has such a “must listen to” voice, and this backed by a gentle jazz beat. Here is Bob’s You’re gonna make me lonesome when you go. All the way from 1975 so this may be new to you, you young thing you.

The words, the voice, this year didn’t get any better 🎷😋🎼

See you next year for more sounds,


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