Monday Musings


Last Monday of our year and it’s that time when many people get philosophical over the way they have lived their lives in the year just gone. As John Lennon asked:

So this is Christmas
And what have you done?
Anther year over
A new one just begun…

And I have got philosophical. I have a friend who sets clear goals to achieve over set time periods. I’ll read this many books, I’ll run this many races, I’ll walk these walk ways and there will be a whole list of things to be achieved. The thing is, they get done. Me? I guess I sort of function like this but at a lesser level. Goals? Well Monday musings have to be out there on a Monday to sort of make sense. And I feel the need to turn the TV off and pick up a book because it’s better for me (it is, isn’t it). I don’t drink alcohol Monday through to Thursday because that’s healthy (apparently, but hey, time off for Christmas, right!).

I sitting here thinking that my friend is reaching for what is seen as the best future and I’m sort of being pushed there. Isn’t that the way for so many? We’ve spoken about the power of guilt this year. How many do things because they feel guilty not doing them? How many drag their bodies through the year mindful that someone with more knowledge than they have says this is good for us. Sometimes it is but sometimes it’s just another diet.

So, I am going to spend what is left of this year thinking through my options. Let’s make a deal to have the best year of our lives next year. That’s one big year! And if anyone happens to read this letter, well, do you want to join? I mean, what’s not to like about the best year of your life, whatever that looks like.

Do we, like my friend, need to have goals. Good stuff that will leave us smiling on the inside when we complete it? You tell me. Or do we go into the future being ever more mindful of the world about us with a commitment to get involved when needed. Again, you tell me.

So that’s it and I am sitting here musing, and will be for sometime. There’s a new year coming for you and me.

Yours, mindfully,


7 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. I don’t on purpose think goals. After 73 years the goal are built into me and I do my day usually doing some of them. If I miss a few, oh well, there is always tomorrow. I would love to finish my book this next year, but I wanted that to happen in 2020 too. Guess, I better set a goal to think about my goals. If I could have what I wanted, I would love to go to Israel again. That what I want but its not a goal. If I get blessed with tickets I will for sure let you know. Happy New Year

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  2. Totally on board for having the best year :D. I think this year has shown that we can make the plans but also give room for life to happen. I think that’s the ultimate balance…not be so married to our plans we become rigid about them.
    But I do hope to read more books – get my count to 120 or thereabouts.

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