Monday Musings

So I missed last Monday. Life has become rather chaotic at times and unexpected things have occurred. Like…I didn’t see that one coming! But Monday Musings is not a Law so I gave myself permission not to do it. Life needs to be flexible and more than that, life need to be filled with grace so we don’t limit ourselves with all sorts of requirements.

You know ‘grace’?

In its most fundamental form it relates to a beauty witnessed in a person’s manner or motion. A dancer may be said to move gracefully.

Or a gracious person may have a tendency towards being generous and helpful with no expectation of getting anything back, which is a quality often so missing from the world.

This is also the sort of approach we need to exercise towards ourselves. To not hold ourselves too accountable but rather be gentle with ourselves when we need to. Yes, set yourself standards to achieve, goals to reach and apply a little discipline to enable yourself to do so but don’t become rigid. In all your transactions with life, whether with self only or with others, allow grace to flow through your actions. Give with no expectation of a return.

By all means do not be weak. I know you have standards, you have a code, and I believe such is important in life. But just occasionally we may need to flex our standards because kindness is more important than our achieving a standard. I have seen people become legalistic or assume an entrenched position. They usually assume a ridged position that really does no one any good especially themselves. The colour just drains from their lives to be replaced by black and white. Remember, kindness is more important than the rules. Most of all be kind to yourself so on the journey of life you can continue to be a learner and not closed to the wonders that abound. Practice grace in all situations, it’ll make you exceptional. Allow for your mistakes and let them serve as lessons and not failures.

And in closing I want to say again, be kind to yourself. Cut yourself some slack when you need to, be humble enough to learn life’s lessons. Some of the teachers may surprise you.

Have an easy week,

Yours, seeking grace in unexpected places,


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