Monday Musings

So I missed last Monday. Life has become rather chaotic at times and unexpected things have occurred. Like…I didn’t see that one coming! But Monday Musings is not a Law so I gave myself permission not to do it. Life needs to be flexible and more than that, life need to be filled with grace … Continue reading Monday Musings

You’re Better Than That

Dear Pogue, Have you ever been in a situation and found yourself thinking, “You’re better than that”? Maybe about someone else, maybe about yourself? Think about it for a moment. It can be a surprisingly powerful thing to say, simple as it is. Some would tell you “That was no good” or “That was hopeless” … Continue reading You’re Better Than That

Be gentle with yourself

Pogue, I saw this and after the last letter thought I’d send it to you as, well, it just goes. Charlie Mackesy: The Boy, the mole, the fox and the horse. Ebury Press. Please remember to be gentle with yourself today because life isn’t perfect and you and I often fall sort of our intentions … Continue reading Be gentle with yourself