Songs To Pogue…What I’m listening to now

New artist Pogue,

At least in my world. So I bought a new pair of headphones and along comes Apple offering me 6 months free subscription to Apple Music. It’s not the first time they’ve offered and I’ve resisted because, well, I’m old school and use Napster. But this morning I succumbed because I thought I could use Siri to do my bidding.

I tried. Siri, there was a band in 1978 who had a song with a chorus that began “Waiting in the wings to be a king”. Can you play that for me? And the reply came, “Wic, what do you think I am? A music encyclopaedia! I can’t play that but I can get you some therapy. Should I proceed?”

So now I have Apple Music for 6 months and an all to clever AI!

But it’s not all bad because the first song I came across in the offering of what I’d apparently like was this one and it rocks! New artist to me so let me share Sam Fender. Sort of sounds like Sting, don’t you think?

Now I’m off to educate that AI on what working for me is all about!



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