Windswept and the ocean

Dear Pogue,

I’ve just picked up a copy of Billy Connelly’s autobiography. Love him or hate him he is an interesting person as a comedian, a film star and a documented traveller. The book has the title of Windswept and Interesting, a title Billy arrived at after a comment someone made when describing him. Windswept and Interesting. This description delighted him and it became his quest, going forward, to be ‘that person’. It may be at that moment he received permission to be all he has since become. And he’s proud of it.

But there are no free lunches and in becoming all that he has, Billy has had to learn to disregard what other people may think of him. What they think of his behaviour, his ideas, his dress, indeed his whole person and that’s not an easy thing to do as I think we all know. Most of us are nurtured in the crucible of other people’s opinion and remain sensitive and aware. As such we will live our lives within certain parameters, then occasionally on our most rebellious day or in an impetuous moment, whilst casting a furtive glance over our shoulder to ensure no one is watching, we will step over the boundary. I mean, acceptance has its boundaries. It’s nice to belong. It’s safe and secure. It….it stops us exploring our potential, that’s what it does!

How much of human life is lost waiting?

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Please don’t get me wrong. There are many who will dance to the fiddlers tune, be the fiddler parents or teachers, our peer group, an employer or a chosen leader. But the tune they play is limited by their own experience and expectations and, everyone has an agenda. How many young people have I heard say, “My parents want me to be a doctor, a lawyer, an accountant”?

There is an expiry on blaming your parents for steering you in the wrong direction; the moment you are old enough to take the wheel, responsibility lies with you.

J K Rowling

That tune may be enough for them or you and good luck to them but please agree with me, doesn’t it have an element of predictability and as such, is found usually in the company of boredom?

Now I must warn you being Windswept and Interesting is not easy, at least, not in the early phases. I want to liken it to learning to swim. Those first few tentative steps into the water where we will pause, especially if it’s cold. We check, we feel uncomfortable and fearful and question ourselves. What am I doing moving away from dry land?

The ocean has been a recurrent metaphor in our letters standing for the vastness and magnificent of our potential. We’ve contemplated the Eternal sending a continuing invitation to come, enter in, and realised that most do not want to be aware of this. Why? Because it’s unchartered territory. It has to be done alone as no one else can realise our potential nor we theirs. Because we are faced with those who shun it and will shun us should we dare because there are a series of behaviours that go with not understanding.

Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric.

Bertram Russell

So I’m guessing you have to be either thick skinned, single minded, driven by an insatiable curiosity or just plain desperate for change. But then if you’ve spent your life stepping to the tune someone else plays or hears, tell me, what is there to lose. I mean, you know exactly where they’ve gone, you know the full distance they’ve travelled.

Windswept and Interesting. It smacks of eccentricity and as such I find it interesting. It gives me possibilities that previously pretended not to be there. It adds colours to a somewhat mundane pallet. And it removes the boundaries because, let’s be honest, for the most part we have either determined these or allowed others to dictate them for us. So we’re going to swim in the ocean and believe that we have potential yet unrealised, potential that will surprise us and take our breath away. That will excite us. And the naysayers who will inevitably arise and tell us it can’t be done and all that stuff that would bring us down. Well as Billy tells in the book, his single reply to them is to ‘fuck off’ (sorry for the language but, point made). Eloquently put Billy.

So lets get windswept. Let’s become a whole lot more than we currently are.

Yours, sliding comfortably into eccentricity and becoming interesting,


3 thoughts on “Windswept and the ocean

  1. Oh…I sooo loved this post. I am with you, there is eccentricity in my bones…yet I realise I play safe at times. Thank you for the reminder

    So when are you going to publish your book Wic? I will save up my pennies to buy it.
    Warmest L

    Liked by 1 person

    • Then there’s unrealised potential there too. Long time no hear but very nice to know you’re still out there ( and safe? ) The book? I need to find some discipline first🥺


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