Monday Musing

Dear Pogue, Well you read my letter on being Windswept? Several other people certainly did and I received some feedback. The good stuff😎 The gist of it was that people actually like the idea of being eccentric, if only in some small way. That they know that there are things that they keep hidden away … Continue reading Monday Musing

Windswept and the ocean

Dear Pogue, I’ve just picked up a copy of Billy Connelly’s autobiography. Love him or hate him he is an interesting person as a comedian, a film star and a documented traveller. The book has the title of Windswept and Interesting, a title Billy arrived at after a comment someone made when describing him. Windswept … Continue reading Windswept and the ocean

Songs to Pogue…What I’m Listening To Now.

The other day I found myself bopping up the street. The neighbours think I’m eccentric I’m sure...and that’s the kind ones! The reason I was behaving so was this piece of music that had come on my headset. It’s on my snowboarding playlist and I always play it when I go snowboarding. It just fits … Continue reading Songs to Pogue…What I’m Listening To Now.