Monday Musings.


Monday again. Another week. What will it bring?

I remain homeless whilst I await the completion of our apartment so I’m heading off to another bed in a different location and this time…it’s your spare bed! So next week it will be ConversationswithPogue, maybe.

Anyway, room for a little craziness, if I may?

It’s autumn in England, heading towards winter. The trees are finally giving up the last of their leaves. Patches of yellow and gold remain in the hedgerows but for the most part the countryside turns to varying shades of brown as the farmers plough their fields and the faded yellow of the last harvest’s stubble vanishes.

At this season of the year my thoughts and moods turn to another time. For some unknown reason I always feel a tie to the period around the First World War. I read the writers and poets of the time. So many poets. Brooke, Graves, Gurney, Owen, to name a few. So many lost. And one of my favourite poems, As The Teams Head Brass by Edward Thomas which captures all that I now see as I walk the countryside.

Then authors. D H Lawrence feels like a kindred spirit. I love his books that capture the mood of the time, the essence of England and see so deeply into the souls of men and women.

The craziness? Where does this deep attachment that consumes me come from? It has come so strongly that I have travelled and walked the fields of the Somme and Flanders standing on hillocks overlooking plains where the youth of Europe spilt its lifeblood so cheaply. Thousands dead in a matter of hours to gain a 50 metre advantage.

I now continue to walk another countryside, the one that Thomas described. Little has changed. OK, the horse has been replaced by the tractor but still men turn the soil and storm blown trees remain to be found. And I wonder, do each of us have a soul that revisits the world in order to gain the fullness of the human experience? I’ve read of people who know details of the past they have no right to know and we’ve all experienced moments of deja vu, that uncanny feeling that we’ve been here or done this before, but we know it was not in this life.

I am aware many would consider my thoughts to be heresy or madness choosing rather to believe that we pass through this world but once. But I’m now wondering. It is said we are spiritual beings, souls, having a human experience. If true, why should we not have recollections of our experiences to date? I don’t know the answer but I find myself musing on the autumn morning.

Yours, off to view the plough,


5 thoughts on “Monday Musings.

  1. Yes, I do wonder the same… As long as you’re dipping your toe into the murky waters of “heresy,” Wic, I’ll volunteer that I read this morning about a term I came across recently but not understood: “post-theist.” It struck me as funny, first, as though someone who considered themselves such would be like a teen-ager who has broken up with their most recent love interest, texting, “I am so over You.” But it seems that the post-theist is saying that the idea of God they used to believe in is no longer relevant/needed in light of new information. As the gods of the ancients were “replaced” by the God of Abraham, Jesus and Mohammad, the post-theists would tell us that this conception of one God, Creator, may well have moved on to a more dynamic understanding that no longer reflects monotheism or polytheism. That’s my extent of understanding the term, but I understand it as different from “atheist” and “agnostic.” So, I suppose post-theists consider themselves as “believers,” but in what, I’m not sure. Maybe Lawrence, documenting the end of an era and the dubious birth of another was a post-theist…

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  2. Still a seeker, which makes me glad. Our fall is over where I live in northern Mn and snow covers the ground and I slept under my electric blanket last night. Cold always makes me glad I live in the 21 century and do not have to get up and stoke the fire with wood I have chopped. I use to wish I lived in another era but somewhere in my 50’s I decided to stop that way of thinking so to draw from the era I lived in all God had for me. I love reading of others era’s and now it makes me content to live in 2021 even more. I have lived in at different era as far as the world way of living. I hold to the scriptures that state, there is nothing new under the sun. I pray you finally get into your new place and contentment settles into your soul as you live out days of 2021 left to you. With 2022 right around the corner I look forward to reading more from you. Blessings

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