Songs To Pogue…What I’m listening to now


There’s been a lot of focus on environmental issues in the last couple of weeks, what with the world leaders meeting to discuss the issues.

But for me it’s all a lot simpler. You treat what you have with respect, be that a relationship, a possession or the world about you. Is that such a hard principle to live by? As we will all eventually pass from this world everything we have is only ours on loan and we should all strive to return it better than we received it. That includes the earth, at least our part.

So here’s a song that echos this sentiment and reminds me of the wonder that Source bestows on us through the gift of nature😏

Jamiroquai, for your pleasure.

Threat the world well and she’ll repay you many times over with all sorts of pleasures.

Yours, enjoying the sunshine,


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