Born In The Morning

Born in the morning
As the last stars recede
Standing tall in the vague dawn light
Chilled by the breeze before the breaking sun
The world stands new
Stark in the receding night
That has left all naked and exposed
Before the descending day
Now the journey of a life has begun

Faced with the overwhelming onset
Of knowledge and experience and consciousness
And an unholy desire to possess
Greedy for stimulation
Wanting to touch all things
With fingers, and lips, and spirit
Oh the yearning of spirit
On this day
This very first day

And deciding what I shall be
Determining a path
Calling down a dream to guide me
Hoping that the decision will be right
For there is no room for a mistake
If born in the morning
I will pass on the wind
Should it come
Before the dusk brings demise

In spirit I can be all things
Anything that was ever known
For in spirit lays the access to all knowledge
All experiences are already written
What will be has always been
And time is not a thing
A day which was a life
Is now a prelude
To something better about to come

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