I was slow to learn
But I’m thinking I am not alone,
And when I came to know
It was like,
How did I miss that one?
What just happened?
I was so blind sided
For in that moment
I came to know that saviours
Travel incognito
Not minding they go unrecognised
Nor seeking glory and adoring praise,
Rather quietly doing what they must do
In power and in might
But never forsaking their disguise
By resorting to the use of force,
And whilst Jacob wrestled through the night
In his bid to overcome
His saviour was not tired
By the man Jacob,
Who was so self assured
But ignorant to who he fought,
Until at dawn the stranger revealed himself
Then went on his way
Leaving Jacob all aghast
His life forever changed
And all in that instance
For that is all it takes,
Sometimes an instance is all we’re given
We’ll wonder like we didn’t know we could
Becoming suspicious of any person
We really do not know,
Treating the world with more awe,
People with more respect,
For saviours go by in disguise,
That’s all we need to know.

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