Winter Coat

There’s an old woman in a winter coat
A coat that has known the cold
She wears her scarf up high
Against the coming frost foretold
Woollen gloves that have seen better days
And boots that are perhaps too old

But walking the country paths
With greying hair set free
She cares nothing of what others think
Preferring just to be
The person that brings her peace
And lives so modestly

Time has taught her many things
Values have been lost
Things owned to impress
Came at too high a cost
So now she walks these time worn paths
With branches all storm-tossed

And peace is found amongst the trees
The leaves fallen on the trail
The spoils of autumn have come
With the dawn mist’s white vail
A fox, a jay, a deer in flight
Give her life a different tale.

In aged coat of blue
Boots that are now so worn
She smiles a contented smile
For in the country she’s reborn
From a life she once knew
And from the city thankfully torn

And many will never know peace
Taught only to want more
Will spend a life in toil
Seeking the success to which they swore
And when their homes are full
They’ll still remain so poor

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