Monday Musing

Hi Pogue,

Remember last Monday we talked about embracing your weird?

Well today I’ve been listening to the Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, on the TV, five days before his first budget statement. And it was refreshing to listen to him because he told it as it is. We’ve some hard times ahead as a country and the economy is not where we would want it to be. But he didn’t shy away from the fact and he didn’t paint it brighter than it is. We’ve voted for Brexit, we’ve had a world pandemic, there’s a war taking place in Europe. There is no sugar coating.

I also feel for him.

Why? Well I was talking to someone yesterday who commented that what ever the Chancellor does in his Budget he will not get it right for a percentage of the people. And my friend referred to the pandemic when there were people saying that the health system was suffering because the government had not locked down hard enough and quick enough. OK, there’s a point of view. But there were also people commenting that business was suffering due to the government locking down too hard and too fast. There was no winning.

How does that relate to you embracing your weird?

Well, you’re not going to win because people will always react to difference. That’s a fact. And if they perceive you as being freer than they are (and it is about free. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.) they will isolate you and point at you and speak out against you. Don’t worry it is not unusual, there are those who were really different who they crucified! But there will also be people who applaud you and are inspired by you. In fact, if you’re really good at your weird, they may follow you. Leader!

But you, and the Chancellor, cannot please everyone. DON’T TRY! Do what you have to do and do it fearlessly. Give it full expression and if it’s colourful, so much the better. And those people you attract, who gravitate to you, will be your people and add to the value in your life.

Being different, standing up and saying: “This is how it is people, like it or not” is not easy, at least at the beginning. Being the Chancellor and stating the obvious and telling people to prepared for what’s to come is not easy. But to my mind it is in the end the better path, the path that preserves integrity. There are many people who when asked will tell that they have lived 60, 70, 80 years. However the truth is, the majority of people we meet may have live many years but they have in fact lived the same year over and over. One year on a repeat cycle. Don’t be that person. So there may be a little hard time ahead but once done you can enjoy your future.

Yours, waiting for Thursday Budget,


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