In The Eye

If you were to look God in the eye,
Could you hold that gaze for long?
Even for a moment?
Find your smile to wear
And pretend not to feel brazen?
In a wild moment
Would you dare to ask the question
That steals your sleeping hours?
The question you ask as ‘Why’?
Adorned in tones of accusation
Fire smouldering in your eyes
Bearing testimony to injustice
That you catalogued so well
The referring to pain received
When the cards were so casually dealt
Accusing God, of being the dealer
Of calamity, cause and fate.

When you’d said your fill
Could you still gaze into those eyes
Take time to understand
That all was given perfect
Not a single stain in sight
Innocence was no virtue
Rather the expected norm
Your brother did not come with conflict
Or your sister filled with scorn
If you hold that gaze too long
Know the hurt will touch your soul
Your heart will long to break
Knowing you’re the author of the pain

Those questions that you hold
Were already asked of you
You deflected
You avoided
You pretended not to hear
But those eyes speak so loudly
You’ll take the miracle cure
Know that the pain is yours
It’s God who chose to share
To see our poor behaviour
Clearly was not witness enough
To know
To feel
To experience
The anguish and the shame
Knowing what lost looks like
And the void where once was hope
Gives the gift of understanding
That maybe had been lost
And the possibility of intervention
Dare we call for such a gift?

One thought on “In The Eye

  1. Such a timely reminder of God’s greatness that supersedes human understanding and his mercy and steadfast love. If i were to look into his eyes, I’d just remember the sins I’ve done and fail to make a complaint. He is God. Amen. Thanks for this noble piece.

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