Your Priest

I will be your be your priest
And I will bring rest for your soul,
In a confessional of light.
You will give up your desires
With hands held forth
Bearing your scars.
The pain,
I will release you from your pain,
You will know that there is light
When the darkness fades
And in the light there will be absolution,
Your heart will be revived.
I offer you absolution
If you would but surrender
The past and all it has been,
Throw off the soiled clothes
Standing naked with no shame
To bring yourself forgiveness,
Forgive yourself,
You must forgive yourself
For there is no greater condemnation
Than that that you have called down
No greater guilt than the voice
The voice within your own head.
All in one you are jailer
Prisoner, tormentor, tormented,
Exeorcise your demons
All of your own creation
Know the power is all yours.
Do not believe the lies
I will be your priest
I will declare you free,
Seeing you naked
I will offer you clean clothes,
I will point a new direction
But you must dress and,
You must choose to go,
To a better day I offer you.

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