Songs To Pogue…What I’m Listen To Now.


I went to a concert on Saturday just gone. I saw a band called Nearly Dan, a Steely Dan tribute band. I can hear your brain already, wondering, “Dan who?” But stay with me here. Back in the day I really loved the music of Steely Dan. I owned most of their albums.

And as I stood in the queue I got to talking with a man who had brought his son along and his son was 14. I bought my first Steely Dan album in 1975! The man might not have been born let alone his son! But I had a lot more hair on my head than he did so there was some “feel good”. You’ve got to get it where you can.

Anyway, to my amazement I haven’t included and Dan songs on our letterstopogue sessions, so here is Riki Don’t Lose That Number, a personal favourite. And for good measure I’m throwing in a classic, Do It Again, which you may recognise🥴

This is some really good music so enjoy it!


P.s.Do you know we now have a radio station on Apple Music? Just search letterstopogue once you’ve logged into Apple Music and you can enjoy what I enjoy all day long. Make me smile😎

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