Light your candle

Light your candle and hold it out
I’m lost and stumbling around in this darkness,
The night has been long
Longer than I have ever remembered
But the little light you proffer
Is a seed of hope to my soul
And I can tell myself that all will be well
If only I can get by until,
Until the dawn heralds the new day
For hope is a ray
And faith a mustard seed
Getting ever larger till one day a tree,
Ever brighter for those who persist,
Coming like moisture on parched lips
Like a known word in a foreign land
Like a gentle breeze across the sand dunes
Contradicting the unrelenting heat
The darkening despair
A moment of relief
All I need is a moment
And it is you with candle held out
Who introduces possibility
Who confirms an end and a beginning,
So small a light
But so larger a sign,
Light your candle and hold it out.

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