Maybe…a moment from my craziness.

I believe music fills the universe. That the day and night are filled with rhythm but far too many are not aware and never hear it. And that is sad because if more heard and felt that which moves around us all the time, there would be less division, less strife. There would be harmony.

And now I’m wondering if, maybe, the music that pervades the universe is not just sound. We think of music and we think of sound. But I just stood and watched trees swaying in the wind, and whilst their branches and leaves made a gentle noise, much like running water, there was something enticing in the rhythms of the branches and the shimmering of the foliage. There was life and I felt it.

Maybe, the music of the universe comes also in silence and we have limited our perception to expect a noise, a rhythmic noise. That we hear only with our ears and so are self limiting creatures.

I saw a kite soaring majestic on the wind, gliding beautifully as if engaged in a dance and there was rhythm. I watched a feather falling from some height and that had consistency in its movements expressed through spiralling patterns.

Could it be that God has set a silent symphony in the universe that plays consistently?

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