A Coffee Incident

So my best friend and I are on our travels and laying by a pool, in the sun, on some foreign shore.

It’s late morning, breakfast is some hours gone and the need for coffee is beginning to rise. I stop the waiter as he passes and request a double espresso with a little milk. Fine so far. My friend then requests a double decaffeinated expresso. Not so fine🥴 “Decaffeinated” is causing a little confusion so an explanation of what is required begins. Eventually the waiter appears to understand and with a reassuring smile disappears.

Not convinced we wait to see what will be delivered.

Several minutes later he returns, tray in hand, and places a coffee next to me, announcing: “Coffee, double expresso”. Then he places the other cup and, smiling, says: “Coffee with no coffee”. I just laughed and the grin on his face suggested he knew exactly what he was saying!

But things didn’t end there. At breakfast this morning the order was repeated and a young lady went off to fulfil the order. Returning she place the coffees on the table and pointed to one saying: “Regular coffee” and the other “De-coffeenated coffee”. The smiling goes on😎. As another friend always says:

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