There’s A Place

There’s a place I go
There’s a place I have to go
Down a road called sanity
On a journey of self preservation
And I am thankful that I know that road
Else where would I go
When the world caves in?

I make no apology for my absence
Even when I am here
I have memories to preserve
In that safe place
In a town I know called sanctuary
Where the emotional invalids go
When the total is too large

In that place
I’ll take my time as
I look out over the world
Trying to understand all I see
All I have witnessed in words
In deeds and in pain
Wondering of the future

One day when courage visits
I will make my come back tour
Hoping I am known and remembered
Hoping my feelings are well guarded
And my memories have been banked
For I fear I must journey on
On the road called life

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