Monday Musing


It’s Monday and I’m back. Just for you. Feel the love!

I’ve written a few letter and poems in the last few weeks which some have seen as an expression of darker emotions. Darker? Rawer would be a more accurate description. And people have come along and asked: “Was that me?”

Well firstly, these are letters from me to you, so what are they doing? And secondly, “if the cap fits”, as they say.

In truth I don’t choose to write about specific people so please don’t flatter yourselves. Rather I write about what I find inside and how I’m feeling, how I’m processing things, how I’m thinking. Yes, it is often situations I’ve been in, things I’ve heard said, actions I have witnessed which set the process in motion but it’s what goes on in my thoughts and my emotions that find their way to paper. As I’ve always told you Pogue, it’s all about me!

But let me distract you for a moment from that wonderful process that is my creativity and ask: “Was it them?”

I’ve said time and again we live in a universe where God loves to speak. Put another way, the quantum field just keeps on pushing out information. Spiritual or scientific, there’s a whole lot of information coming your way all the time. You just have to learn to listen, tune in. So if something strikes a cord and makes you think, then there is every possibility that actually it was you. Like attracts like and certain frequencies of energy are going to touch you where you are currently in life.

If you are asking that question then maybe something far bigger than me is coming to you. I am just one means by which you can be spoken to. Me, I hear a song and thoughts may be ignited. I pick up a book I haven’t read for years and my attention is immediately engaged. I see something and… You get the idea?

So if someone reads some words on paper and finds themselves thinking: “Was it me?”, they need to know there’s a very real reason they’ve had that thought and if they’ve a modicum of sense they will give it attention. But then, how many have a modicum of sense? Cynical? Yes I know but just watch people. Not many are listening. That’s why history seems to be on a continual loop.

Just to recap. It is absolutely all about me. If you’re thinking it may be about you then realise that text is being brought to you by a larger, more informed source. But I’m delighted to be the messenger. But remember, don’t shoot the messenger.

Yours, writing completely selfishly,


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