Your Word

Your word is the core of your relationships.

Given and kept it is a strong chain holding you to others, removing concerns and creating a foundation on which to build bigger things.

If you would but realise, your word has great value and will go before you in the world giving you a reputation acceptable to others. It is truly worth keeping and treasuring.

But once broken, regardless of intention or circumstance something is lost forever. The fine membrane of fidelity that maintains relationship is broken and, if at all possible, will only be restored with much effort, time and heart searching. There is no easy or instant fix. Indeed, there may be no fix.

So, only give your word when you have the assuredness that you can and will keep it. Given thus, it is gold.

Think long and do not make glib promises for it’s value will diminish with each one and people will not forget. In a world of transient values it is the one thing you possess that can be a constant and establish you and your character.

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