Monday Musing.


I don’t know about you but there doesn’t seem to be a day go by when I don’t turn on the news to be told how much my energy bill is about to cost me🥺 Day after day after day!

And I’m a smart guy (at least I think so) so I get that energy prices are about to increase, dramatically. I don’t need to be told repeatedly. So, I’m asking myself, what’s going on? Because I’m seeing the media begin to create panic and deep concern and worry for many. What is behind the headlong push to drive people to despair? Because that’s what’s happening.

Within the last year you and I have watched the media, headed by the big news channels, create a pseudo fuel shortage when there really was no shortage. Just a few, more rural, petrol stations were late on receiving there deliveries due to insufficient delivery drivers. But there was plenty of petrol to be had and then the BBC and Sky News and others told us station were running out, which was true for a small handful, and wham, the herd response and everyone rushed to fill half full tanks.

Result? Then there was a petrol shortage because of sudden unprecedented demand. But it was all created by the media!

And the truth is, there’s is usually more than enough to go around. There is enough food in the world to go around, but people starve and so we believe there is a food shortage. Wrong! There is a distribution problem and an attitude problem driven by greed! But you’re not told that.

So when are we going to wise up? Not just you and I but people in general?🤔 At what point are we going to realise we’re being played?

Try this. We’ve talked a lot about vibrations, how the higher emotions vibrate faster and cause our lives to be better, more abundant, pleasurable. How those who move at those higher levels move with more freedom, greater creativity, intelligent expression, wisdom even. How they are independent thinkers. But those who succumb to the lower emotions such as fear, failure, low self esteem, hate, these people are held captive. Fear is said to be “the small death” that precedes demise and failure. Fear captures and imprisons thoughts and actions. The mind is invaded by questions that start, “What if”. What if the energy keeps going up? What if my employer can’t pay the bills? What if the wheat can’t leave the Ukraine? We entertain these questions and decend into deeper despondency.

I’m not saying things aren’t about to be tough but if we could only abandon our personal greed, our individual needs for more than we actually require, if we could embrace others and find our meaning in those actions, find our joy in seeing others released from the fears that govern their lives. Lift their vibration and in doing so lift the vibration all about us, even a little.

And the media? Can we teach others to receive the reports and ask, “What’s the agenda that drives this?” “Is there someone/s trying to induce fear, trying to control the narrative, trying to control me and my response?” You don’t have to be the brightest coin in the purse to suspect this once it has been pointed out to you. Not that Im saying you’re anything but brilliant 😉

Let’s open our eyes and start to ask the questions that need asking. Remember, as the song says, “it’s sheep we’re up against”.

Yours, exhibiting a free spirit,


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