Monday Musing

Dear Pogue, Well you read my letter on being Windswept? Several other people certainly did and I received some feedback. The good stuff😎 The gist of it was that people actually like the idea of being eccentric, if only in some small way. That they know that there are things that they keep hidden away … Continue reading Monday Musing

Love, set it free.

Dear Pogue, Love? Nowhere do we find more said on the subject of love than in contemporary music. It seems every other song that appears wants to tell about love of one sort or another. Amongst these are some deep insights and profound thinking, none more so than Sting’s utterance: If you love someone, set … Continue reading Love, set it free.

The Observer

Dear Pogue, Here are some thoughts that have been prompted by reading the book I mentioned in the last "Been Reading". I was not very far into it, not very far at all, when I realized that there were two processes going on. I was enjoying the unfolding of the plot and the development of … Continue reading The Observer