I Asked A Question


After I posted the letter to you which you received yesterday I realised I had asked a question and left it unanswered. My bad!

Actually it was two questions, but one sentence, and I’ve been thinking about both. I will offer you an answer from where I am at in my thinking but I must warn you, me thinking evolves!

The first question was, ”if God is present all the time why, firstly, do so few choose to want to know God or even believe in the existence of the same”. Good question I hear you say. Well my answer is….knowing God’s presence, God’s omnipresence, is actually a practiced art. “How can this be” you ask, for if God is all about surely there can be no mistaking Her presence?

Well, the blind woman is surrounded by nature, the clouds roll by, the river flows, the fox crosses the field, but she knows nothing of it. Awareness of God is a spiritual event, it requires engagement of our spirits and firstly, many are ignorant to the fact that they are indeed spiritual creatures and, secondly, if they realise they are, they do not want to engage their lives at this level because, well, why would I even consider for a moment surrendering my independence, my free will, my God given right to behave exactly as I please, to God. Am I not the Captain of my soul?

So, many carry on life, either ignorant to God’s presence or with their backs turned and a metaphorical middle finger raised at any suggestion that there is a better way. Tell me, why is personal independence so precious to people? Even when they make a shipwreck of their lives and continue to steer a course further onto the rocks? Call me cynical but from where I watch, so many are damaged goods.

Independence may be the greatest deception there is and the true thief of the potential that you and I possess. That God has given us of His riches, his omniscience, thrown a banquet and called us guests to participate in the fulness of potential. Remember we agreed that every possibility exists in God, that everything that ever will be is already there in all it’s possible manifestations? We just have to realise it and appropriate it!

The second question, the bigger question, maybe, ”why are there such diverse and conflicting opinion amongst those who speak of belief?” Well, given the infinite amount of knowledge that is available it is conceivable that we all start by getting differing insights, accessing from different doors. But like people who have seen a tree, a single tree, and then believe and declare that this is what all trees will look like, we have stunted our own experience and possibilities. Indeed, we now have a God who is limited, no longer omnipotent with a small imagination!

So when people limit and box God into a single religious manifestation, they are like those who, having put their toes in the water, believe they now know everything about the ocean. But they remain separated in all their beliefs rather than realising they are indeed, by spirit, part of this greater experience. The wave must know it is a very small part of the ocean, but it is the ocean.

Armed with a small, even minuscule, piece of knowledge people have built whole movements that swept the world. Let it be said, from the starting point things have moved out, other more worldly beliefs have been assimilated, inconvenient knowledge has been put aside, and empire making intentions have overtaken.

God has no interest in empires of belief. Tell me, why would the all powerful, all present, all knowledgable have any interest in what men and women can do for God? Again, it’s as if the ocean put great stock in what the wave would achieve in its singular rush to the beach. Here and gone. Maybe a metaphor for life, when we will all return to Source.

You and I, we’re part of God, part of Source, a minuscule part, because we are spirit beings. Here we are experiencing a manifestation we call life but, wave, ocean, it is short lived in the sphere of eternity. Yet, in the short time we have, many forget what they are, from where they came and strive towards a spiritually crippling independence.

Don’t be that person! You will waste a life rather than gain one, one with unlimited potential, one that will excite and exhilarate, one that will enable you to bring forth things this world hasn’t yet seen. Make you smile?

Enjoy your weekend,


One thought on “I Asked A Question

  1. This line: “God has no interest in empires of belief.” YES! In fact, God has no stakes in any empire, I would think. In fact, I often wonder where God is any any human-made system, as well.


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