Monday Musing


Last week was another sad week in the world. Beyond the suffering within Europe which now, no longer warrants the headlines in the media, America was struck by tragedy with school children being gunned down in their classroom. And yet even now the world moves on, and like the war in Ukraine, it will not be long before this tragedy has receded into the distance.

There are times when I wonder if those who govern, who rule, who commit, rely on this behaviour to enable them to get away with the things they do. Like the magician who delivers the trick by means of distracting his audience’s attention while he does his wonder. If a decision or action can be delayed then there is a reasonable chance that the world will have moved on before the decisive moment.

But history teaches that injustice can only be hidden for so long. That there will come a day when the smell of all that is rotten will break out. There will come a day when the truth will out and the forces that work constantly in the background will be shown for what they are. And I sit and wonder if that is happening in America right now? Oh, not all at once in a flash of exposure but over the recent months and years. Black Lives Matter, the storming of the Senate, the current Pro Life, Pro freedom of choice, abortion debate, the repeated massacres of the innocent in gun events with no ability to address the gun issue and the more and more apparent disparity between those who have and those who don’t.

Flip the coin on its head and there is America telling the world how to go about business. Business as usual.

But it’s not only America. America is an easy example because their media delights in dealing with their dirty laundry in the public arena. I mean, what chance integrity when there’s money to be made in tale telling? Others are more discreet, play their hand with greater care.

So many others want to run the world or at least their small part of the world whilst their own house is in disorder. Money squandered on their war machines while poverty manifests in many ways back at home. And every leader, every government has a rhetoric of justification for their actions. Savour complexes abound and I dare say there are those who honestly believe their actions, their interventions are making the world a better place.

And in our own nation we seem fixated on the Prime Minister attending a ‘Lockdown’ party while so many issues abound and cry for attention. But our media dictates what is most worthy of attention, what ‘really’ matters.

Let me sign off by reminding us both of the old adage, “history repeats itself. It has to. No one listen the first time” or the second! Be assured, the world will go on. It actually doesn’t need us. Nature does it so much better and keeps its own house in order.

Yours, considering the life of the hermit,


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