Monday Musing


I’ve returned to last weeks Musing when writing you this letter. We talked about energy, positive and negative, and the way we’re affected by it.

This had left me thinking about this throughout the week. Obviously I wish to live in a place of good and positive energy. I mean, who doesn’t? And at this moment I’m thinking that we are able to have a lot of influence on the level of our energy.

The Bible says that “as a man sows, so shall he reap”. Most other religious teachings have a similar saying. Then there’s the Native Indian tale of the man who had two wolves living in his life. A good white one and a mean black one. This man found that at any one time, one of the wolves would be controlling his life and that that would be determined by which one he fed.

He fed?

Well, if he succumb to the appetites of the mean black one then he himself became mean and unpleasant and vice versa if he fed the white one.

That’s it isn’t it? We respond according to our diet. Think, an athlete will have a particular diet to enhance and maximise performance. You and I avoid fast food outlets whenever we can because we are aware of the quality of food that we are putting into our bodies. We avoid a lot of sugary things at times for the sake of our health. We run regularly and walk even more frequently. We try to keep good habits in respect of our sleep. And we get good returns in our lives. You reap what you sow.

So with the other areas of our life. I sit in front of the TV and feed my mind on a diet of violence and questionable values, then my energy drops. For me personally, my attitudes change, my focus deteriorates and over time I become less patient. However, if I feed myself on the good stuff, quality reading, time in nature, music, time spent creating, I experience a lift in my energy and become more patient, calmer and focused. Indeed, too much TV always seems to eventually have a negative effect in the end.

I know the path to positive, raised energy. I just need to apply myself and that requires discipline because turning on the TV is so easy whereas picking up up a book and applying oneself requires some effort. Same old principle with eating. Fast food is quick and requires minimal effort whereas cooking a balanced nourishing meal needs effort. But the returns speak for themselves.

Want to spend this week raising your energy. It will require a little effort but it will be worth it. I imagine we will need a little review on our lives and some changes but you’ll get what you give. Let’s give it ago?

Yours, reviewing my schedule,


One thought on “Monday Musing

  1. Talked to my son last night and he is using this approach to quit drinking, we are so proud of him. He has lost 6 pounds just by dropping drinking rum and diet coke to ease the stress of his job. Did I say we were proud of him. Of course I did and meant to say it twice. He has believed the old reasons the devil tell EVERYBODY, it helps with stress. Yet the next day the stress is still there. I am sure his energy is much better the next day. And they bought some more cross fit work out things since he is a coach and they sold their equipment when they moved about a year ago. Let me say it again, we are so proud of him and thank God who we have prayed too for this change in his life. God anything you need us to pray for?

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