Monday Musing

Morning Pogue,

I went to London yesterday to see the Titanic exhibition. It was a good exhibition filled with detail of the doomed ship, the crew and passengers and particularly the events of that fateful night when it sunk. Many pictures to enable a feeling of what the whole event was like and a continuous audio guide telling the tale piece by piece.

I came to the end of the exhibition with a sense of understanding and, because a number of the lives involved had been woven into the journey, a small feeling of attachment. So many differing tales all brought to the same point. It was an education.

But as I left I was aware of a feeling bordering on depression. A feeling as if the energy had been drawn from me because, good as it was, detailed and accurate as it was, the exhibition had a sort of negative energy. There was nothing positive to be woven into the story and the more the narrator revealed about the lives that would be lost the more the energy dropped. I guess there was little to say that was positive. This was a tragedy on an unprecedented scale at the time.

It’s not wrong to go to such events. After all, history has a tale to tell and lessons to teach. But we need to carry with us an awareness of the energy we are exposing ourselves to and act to balance it out. Tragedies, disasters, loss all have an energy and it will be lower than the one we live at. We’ve written before on how fear, hate, distrust etc., all have a lower energy than the more positive attributes such as trust, kindness, love. If we come into contact with the negative energies in life we need to guard ourselves, to recognise that sinking feeling that we occasionally experience, that depressed mood that creeps over us.

Everything is energy, which Einstein told us. What we feed, what we consume will determine our mood, our outlook and our behaviour. So place yourself where you are able to bath in the positive, the uplifting just like you would stand in the sunshine on a chilly day. Find the good.

Sometimes we need to be involved with things that are draining in order that the world and the lives of others can be improved. Like giving a hand to pull them up. Sometimes that involvement is on an ongoing basis because we choose to assist others. Do it, but take time off to consume positive things. I listen to favourite songs, read inspiring books, sit in nature and am still. These lift my spirit and lift my energy.

Pogue, you are given to helping others and are sometime exposed to tragedy. Take care and time to protect your own spirit.

Yours, standing in the sunshine on a rather chilly day,


2 thoughts on “Monday Musing

  1. Sure. It’s important to remain safe and take maximum precautions when helping others. Titanic is one of my best movies. The story behind it is just so moving. Hail to all the dead souls! I heard the brain behind the great ship said the ship was unstoppable by not even God. People just love tempting God.

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  2. I only felt that way once and that was at the Holocaust Museum. We took very energized 7-10 grades children but by the end of the tour those kids were sober and somber. I think it is good to see the past so we hopefully do not try to make the same mistakes again. When we ask those kids, do you think this could happen again? Not in America most of them said. Those who were readers and had read of things like that happening all over the world and those who had traveled outside the Us said, yes, it could happen to us. Disasters happen all over the world and the state the world is in with wars and rumors of wars it likely will happen. When we hear of human sufferings it makes us think of what will be our own suffering here on earth. I can testify that God Spirit living in me gives me hope of whatever way my life ends here…there is more to life then life on earth as we know it. Good post, good thoughts, thanks for making thoughts to share.

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