Monday Musing


I lost my mojo! You know what I’m saying?

All of a sudden I have found myself with nothing to say! Can you believe me? Yeah, I know that’s a big ask.

How did it happen?

Well my routine was decimated (and I’m now realising the importance of continuity, of a routine). My mother came to stay and she needed attention. She needed entertaining. She runs on a different clock to me. Goes to bed later. Takes much longer in the morning to get ready for…whatever. And because she was the guest, and my mother, full hospitality was extended.

Then she went home and I couldn’t find my inspiration, my creative spirit,, MY MOJO! I didn’t even want to write! So here I am musing and writing by applying discipline. I’m hoping that I will kick start the process.

And I am now appreciating how important a routine is for me. That I have tasks I need to get done. If I build a space in my day to do them they are easy, even pleasurable. I come to them prepared in my head. There is a subconscious expectation of doing them and, I think, often my subconscious is working towards that. That is where the creative thoughts often commence. Things come together, happen and then surface. But there has to be opportunity for the process to come to fruition. That’s where routine plays its part. It provides opportunity, space, time for the magic to work.

Here I am now, applying discipline, focusing by act of will, sitting quietly waiting for the magic to start. And it will come given opportunity. My task then is to keep making opportunity, creating space.

Many books on the creative process stress the importance of giving over regular time to the process and just creating, be that writing or painting or whatever your form of expression is. If there’s nothing there, well, just do it anyway. Like you have no writing inspiration, well just write anyway. Write whatever’s in your thoughts even if that’s your shopping list or about the view from your chair. Just do it, over and over and the magic will come. Promise.

So, as my man Muddy Waters once sang, “I’ve got my mojo working….” Yeah baby!

Yours, off to create,


3 thoughts on “Monday Musing

  1. Has happened to me plenty. Sometimes I write anyway, sometimes I don’t, I wait till…well till whenever. I appreciate the reason you lost it though, your mother, how sweet and caring of you to allow your mind to focus on her. I am sure she went home full of energy and love from a thoughtful son. You can write any old day but those mother days will live in her heart for a long, long, long time. Blessings on you.


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