How Many Hearts?


Princeton University runs a Global Consciousness Project and has done so for some years. The original objective was to ascertain whether, and to what extent, human consciousness can act in unison). That your consciousness and my consciousness are not our own but part of something bigger, something that extends over the world and possibly further. More, there comes a point in time when these many elements of consciousness connect, come together and act in tandem if you like, and that happens when we are similarly and powerfully moved or focused in a similar direction. Princeton’s leading example of this occurrence is the 9/11 terrorist attack that cause a significant shift in world consciousness.

Now I know, being the person you are, you will ask, “How do they measure this?”, but I am also trying to get my head around it all. There’s a lot of science, if you read the article. So, I am going to suggest we just accept they can and do, producing a mass of data.

OK. Why am I telling you this? Well, you asked for it, right back when you read my letter The Hearts of People and you questioned “How many hearts” were needed for global change with respect to our global ecological crisis? And right here I am going to tell you I don’t think there is a number but I do think that the more people who bring their focus, their concern, their consciousness to focus on the crisis the more chance there is that we can achieve a tipping point. I believe there is a critical mass of consciousness (and I could use the word “hearts” here as representative of that mysterious force that we are possessed of and possessed by). No man is an island, so maybe, in the most miniscule way, your actions, my actions, affect others? We’ve both heard of the “Butterfly Effect” well read and intellectual people that we are. The proposal that a butterfly flapping its wings can cause weather in a distant place to be altered. That those minor contribution to airflow are sufficient to enforce change. And if this is so, how much can a change of heart, an alteration in consciousness, affect the world, or more importantly, in answer to your question, affect the collective consciousness?

I’ve long been an admirer of Dr David Hawkins’ work. For me his book Power vs Force is a masterpiece, a must read, a game changer. Hawkins himself talks about the transformative quality of the writing and how it can lead to a rise in both individual and collective consciousness. Further, having calibrated human consciousness (and I know that question is heading my way again, “How?” Well you’ll have to read the book, pushing through the first two chapters until it picks up a pace), he shows that individuals who live at higher levels of consciousness will have a positive affect on those who don’t, the higher the level of consciousness the more people that can be affected. Likewise a community that lives at a collective higher level manifesting quality and attributes in keeping with that level will positively affect those coming into contact who live at lower levels. A community who live at the level of love will positively touch people who live at lower levels such as fear or grief. Just being among such a community will affect change.

Hawkins states that individuals who live at the highest levels approaching God Conciousness can affect millions. And the more people at higher levels the greater the effect on the world.

You will be familiar with the concept of collective prayer. Most religious groups have prayer meetings. Now if those meetings are populated not by the religious who attend as a sense of duty (harsh I know. My bad), but come because of a passion that possesses them and causes a unified focus, if those people are engaged at all levels to include emotions, thoughts and beliefs, then an expectation will arise and then things begin to change. I have been in spiritual gatherings where such an expectation has arisen and the effect is electrical so as to make possible things that some would label miracles.

So I know in my knower that gathered hearts with a similar, maybe singular, focus can change things. And how many, well that depends on the varying hearts, their level of consciousness, their focus. You get it. But based on the Butterfly Effect, then you and I possess the capability of even the smallest change. So take hope Pogue, the world can be changed as the hearts of people change. And for those who are praying people, well the collective power of people of a single mind, a unified consciousness, can be a powerful thing. Pray on.

Yours, getting a little focus,


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