Foughts on a Friday


I thought (yes I can spell it) I would tell you something that happened and it will make you smile.

So I went Christmas shopping yesterday. I had a coffee (large, but you knew that) and wandered around the shops for a couple of hours chasing inspiration. Then the coffee caught up with me and I needed to relieve myself so I made my way to my favorite store because there were bound to be some appropriate gifts awaiting for me to buy and…the facilities are good.

Now, as you know, when we shop in England at the moment we are required to wear a mask at all times for our, and others protection. And most people have more permanent masks by now that sit snugly around the face. The only problem is, as I was about to discover, when you lower your head to look down the masks have a tendency to ride up your face and if you look down low enough, well they will cover your eyes. Especially if you’re wearing a winter coat and scarf. And if you don’t look down you can’t see and correct aim anyway! You know where this is going don’t you.

So there I was with several other gentlemen standing at the urinals, all trying to look down to see what was happening, and most losing sight completely as they tried. Masks up to they eyebrows. Disaster!

I escaped with slightly moist boots but some were not as lucky. As I thought about it afterwards it made me smile. I hope you are smiling to. Only small coffees from now on. I guess it’s a blessing to be able to laugh at yourself.

Have a great Friday,


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