Monday Musings

Morning Pogue,

So I went Christmas shopping and found myself standing in a bookshop which will come as no surprise. Now bookshops in Cambridge are large. Lots of books. Happy days.

And where better to muse than in a bookshop surrounded by all that thought. All that latent wisdom whispering, “read me, read me”, caressing my ears and whetting my appertite to indulge and lose myself. Later found curled up in a corner of an alcove, book in hand. As said, “happy days”.

And the musing?

Pogue, it’s an incredibly rich world, full of surprises, eye opening and with so many reasons you should smile. The think is to retain an open mind to enable you to explore the vast possibilities. Despite the drudgery and darkness you will encounter, it’s still a wonderful world. Explore as much as you possibly can.

Have an exciting week.


2 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. We only have one chain bookstore left in my town – they have branches in two of the malls. What made me really sad, and made me realise how few people around here read/buy books these days was when both shops downsized… and when I asked why, I was told that there just aren’t enough sales to warrant more stock. I guess that since prices have gone up, people have less money to spend on them.

    I am still reading, and treat myself to a new ‘real’ book purchase every few months though 😉

    It is definitely still a wonderful world…. the light at the end of the tunnel is NOT another train coming… I hope 😛 I shall do my best to strive for the greatness of exploration and possibilities. Here’s to unwrapping the gift of excitement!

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