Monday Musings

What’s up Pogue,

I’m learning all the time. Never stop. Life’s just too big and too wonderful to even consider stopping. Resting yes. Stopping no.

So, as I’ve engaged with the Universal Laws, which I’ve been writing to you about, I’ve learnt that not everyone who wants you to read their stuff will actually tell it like it is. It’s not what they tell you, it’s what they don’t tell you.

My latest lesson has taught me that dreaming BIG dreams is great and inspiring and enables us to lift our life and live with expectancy. It’s just, well, someone, and I guess it’s me, needs to add…they need to be flavoured with a little reality. I will expand on this later in the week when I tell you what has happened to me. For now I want you to think through the fact that a fulfilled dream comes with consequences and no one is telling you that, when they invite you to create oversized dreams.

Also, I’m reading things like: “If you can dream it you can have it”.


There are just things out there that you can’t have or do. You can have and do way, way more than is happening in your current situation. I’m a big dream person. But as I’ve said, I’m learning a little reality seems to enhance fulfilment. And, maybe, reducing and receiving the answer to my dream is a necessary stepping stone to a bigger answered dream but it’s a step I have to take. Perhaps there are several steps.

Pogue, want to know more? Watch this space.

7 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. Living on dreams without realities is dangerous. There is truth and then there is presumption and God always leans to truth. I can dream big and presume God is will fulfill my dreams but then He reminds me that , in this world I will have trouble. I think I will return to read what you reveal next. Blessings.


    • Thank you for taking time to comment. At the risk of offending you, and believe me, I don’t wish to do that, I would change “God always leans to truth” to, God always leans to love. This was my experience which I hope you’ll see if you read today’s post.
      Again, thank you for reading .


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