Laws. Interlude.

Dear Pogue,

I am going to take a short break from writing the Laws to tell you what has happened in my life as a result of writing the series. Exciting, ehhh?

Oh, I trust you are well and everything in your world is rocking?

Here’s the thing. Having undertaken to write the series I have launched into reading and thinking (and drinking coffee…but you knew that). I’ve been at it for a number of weeks and I feel I’ve begun to internalise the Laws and they are now present in my thoughts and actions on a daily basis. You get what you think and all that stuff.

I am gradually finding out that I can have more control over my day to day. I am thoroughly aligned with the fact that we are all creatives, every action is preceded by a thought, and that we are of the same essence as Source, as God. A chip off the old block if you like.

Progress is being made. But here’s another lesson I’ve learnt and I am sure it will amuse you.

I’ve never had an issue with dreaming big dreams. Go large or go home is my motto when it comes to dreams! And my imagination, well it’s a wonderful thing, never ceasing to surprise me. So, armed with my new found understanding I thought what do I want to create and, as I was working in my blog at that moment, something went off in my head. I’d really like to reach more people. Simples.

If your dreams don’t scare you they aren’t big enough.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Now I will divert for a moment to remind you and me that I primarily write for myself and direct my writing initially to you. How you get it out in the world after that never ceases to amaze me! Remember that I posted you a letter a while back wherein I examined my motivation for writing and decided, unequivocally, I was doing it for me. Oh, yes and you of course. Silly of me to forget that one. Let me reiterate. If no one ever read my letters I’d still write them because it allows me to release my creativity. To be poetic, it gives me wings and a sense of freedom. So, I’m not motivated by the numbers.

All that said, I do feel I have something to say at times and I see people I want to reach and tell them, “It’s OK”. Maybe, and I’m not being vain, to tell them that there is another way, a better way. So, if I think I have said something that is important I’d like it to reach people. That’s fair enough isn’t it?

Back to the Laws. As said it all starts with a thought and the thought was, I am going to have more followers. Then my imagination kicked in and my emotions joined the party. I was feeling good about the new followers coming to join…lot’s more followers. The sun shone down and was adding to the pleasure of the moment when I got a prompt reminding me that I needed to be more precise. I’d like more followers was not totally helpful to Source, to God. 3 or 4 maybe would fulfil my wish? I don’t think so. Remember, I’m going large here. So I needed a number, and, feeling good, in an inspired moment, or so I thought, I declared I’d like 1 million followers! I felt good.

I spent the best part of a week, in my thoughts, writing to all these new followers as I waited for them to commence arriving. Life was going to rock. And, yes, I know as you read this you’re shaking your head and thinking “He’s away with the fairies again”.

Well, a few days into my move for world domination a ray of reality managed to break through and a voice in my head said: “You realise if you’re going to achieve that number in a year, that’s 2700 new followers a day?”

How rude! My dream was suddenly getting a stark dose of reality. I did the maths and realised that would mean my device tinging twice every minute, 24/7 for a year to tell me someone had joined. Had God found a gap through which to offer me some guidance?

Then, “You being the person you are, you will want to make it personal for your followers. You will strive to post totally meaningful stuff. You believe that it’s not hard to be excellent in a world filled with mediocrity. You realise sleep will have to go?” I love sleep💤

My imagination was now in overdrive. I will need staff. I sat and worked out how many and, oh my goodness, I will need premises. Income? Will I figured that if you had a million followers others would want a piece of that action so advertising would be no issue.

Then, if this is going to be personal for people and the experience meaningful, why it would soon be a movement….

There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.

John Holmes

My imagination eventually ran out of fuel you’ll be glad to hear. I returned to the number 2,700 a day. Reality now really rolled over me like that seventh wave you know is coming but are never quite ready for.

You’ll be please to hear my numbers is now 1,000. I can equally believe that number, plus I can keep it personal (and sleep at night. I love sleep💤 . Did I already say that?). Plus, I will continue to write for me, because, let’s get honest here…it’s all about ME😎🙃. I start this as a personal journey of exploration looking for an answer, if you remember the first letter? It was to help me define my thoughts and develop my belief system.

That there may be more people in the world who think alike, who are also seeking an answer, who are souls on the same journey, that makes me happy. Beyond you Pogue, there are people to reach, and if those souls can be brought together to share their desires and hopes, their vision and their energy, well we could create a powerful thing could we not? My energy may be virtually insignificant in the face of the Universe, but a 1,000 like me? However, that’s another post and another day.

If you can dream it you can do it.

Walt Disney

Suffice it to say I am a learner of the Laws and I have discovered that God cares and speaks, will answer my thought but will also guide that thought to the best possible place if I will learn to listen and take the guidance. Some would say their prayer was answered. Me, I think Source and I are co-creating. Watch out world, I’m discovering who walks beside me at all times.

Yours, drenched by reality,


7 thoughts on “Laws. Interlude.

  1. I love this! I don’t think a million followers is too wishful, I mean if the dream doesn’t scare you right? Although my drawback would be sleep too (I love sleep😂). A 1000 is a big number too, I suppose a steady 1000 follow (monthly, weekly, something) will yield the million so it all works out in the end.


  2. I say, give a dream all you got. Some believe chance play a part in a dream, some say luck, some say hard work, some say…well, put what ever you are depending on to fulfil what ever dream you have. For me, if I know it’s from the Lord I will give it all I got, trust Him for the outcome. Most missionaries go overseas and envision leading hundreds or thousands to the Lord. They hit the work of ministering and a few reach that vision. Some minister for years in a remote village with only a few converts. All had same dream, same vision, same goal, same God. Some become bitter and quit or stay and become bitter. Some become proud because their dreamed worked and God blessed is their response. Some allow the reality of life to be a part of their dream and learn to enjoy the journey God has them on. I will follow you, not because of your dream but because your words challenge me and I think watching you grow in your dream verses reality will teach me also. (on a personal note, I used the missionary dream because I know that one well)


    • I feel bound to ask, did you go to the mission field? And… really glad to have you along for the journey. I hope I can continue to challenge you, gently.


      • Yes, my husband and I have served in two countries, Bolivia, SA as dorm parents at a missionary boarding school. Then we stepped out for a couple years to help our home church in Ky. Went back into the same mission, Ethnos360 and went to Papua New Guinea. Now we live in northern Mn. and are Member Care reps for our mission, helping missionaries when they come home in adjustment. Sometimes I feel like a cat having lived several different life styles that each had good and bad in it. It’s good to jump in on your journey. I like that you added, gently to the challenge. But I must tell you most of the wisdom I have gained did not come from gentle things. By the way, have you read my blog?

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  3. I know a thing or two about imagination running wild with prospects that are not even in the ‘now’ yet. It’s a good dream and I agree with lacing dreams and reality. I guess sometimes we can’t pinpoint ‘wishful thinking’ and where it fails to translate into ‘laborious doing’. That said keep dreaming!!

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