Law 6. The Law of Resistance.

Dear Pogue,

The famous Swiss psychologist Carl Jung once said, “What you resist persists”. So here we are with the Law of Resistance, something that we have both been subjected to without even realising it as we have pushed hard against something in our life to prevent it happening. As we strived to improve our life and been faced with obstacles.

Let me explain with an easy example that you’ll understand right from the get-go.

No one ever got slim whilst thinking fat thoughts.

Fat thoughts?

Yes, fat thoughts like looking in the mirror and thinking “I’m never going to lose 5 kgs. I can’t give up cake” which normally ends up at “I’m such a failure” or something similar. Got the idea? And this is true about everything else in life. You can’t experience prosperity whilst thinking poor thoughts, you won’t experience health with a mind full of sick thoughts like, “Winters here and I always get a really bad cold”.

You see, what the Law says is, where you place your focus, your attention, there your energy goes and where your energy goes, there the Universe meets you and responds with like energy. Remember we’ve already spoken of the tuning fork that starts to seemingly mysteriously vibrate when it comes into the presence of energy of the same frequency. So, there you are getting slim by having thoughts about not wanting to be fat and wrestling with the image of that large donut you can’t have. NO! Where has your energy gone? It’s focused on being fat, so that’s what you are going to get.

Nonresistance is the key to the greatest power in the universe

Elkhart Tolle

So you’re resisting being fat as your perceived pathway to getting slim. Once again, NO! The Law says, what you resists persists. Get it? If you want to create change in your life you must set your mind to focus your attention on what you want. The key is to NOT entertain thoughts of what you do not want. The Law does not process your thoughts and desires and then calculate the most advantageous response. Rather, it just responds with like energy to that which you have emitted.

If you are going to take advantage of this Law firstly you need to know what you want. You need to know as precisely as you can. Let me carry on the theme we have and say I want a leaner, fitter body, the one I will take to the beach. And, yes, I will need to lose 5 kgs. So I start by creating a clear image of what I want, what I will look like, what I will feel like and think like when I achieve this. Maybe find some pictures that inspire with images that would make me feel good. This is how I begin, with small steps that I can build on. Add a few exercises, modify my diet, nothing too extreme at the beginning. Maybe I buy some beachwear that I will wear when I’ve lost 5 kgs. I keep feeding the desire. What I don’t do is think “there’s no point buying those as I will never fit them”, fat thoughts.

When the fat thoughts come along I’m going to respond from a fit body place. When I’m offered cake (and everyone loves a bit of cake, right?) I may decline because I now focus on lean and that’s where my energy comes from. What I don’t do is fight the offer by returning to my old thought pattern about being fat. And, hey, I succumb but I won’t get worked up about it. No. No failures, just lessons. I refocus my thoughts and I move on.

You getting it? With your life ask “what am I focused on?”. Am I fighting somewhere against something. Is there an area where my peace is being disrupted? You need to understand where your focus is and this is the beginning of change. Learn not to resist but rather accept where you are in this moment on this day. If you resist you may never get pass this point. You may just dig in and continue to battle on. Accept what is happening. You want this but you are just getting the opposite. Don’t get worked up, don’t allow guilt to take over, don’t give in. Instead start to move your focus from where you are to where you want to be and begin to build the framework to get you there. Small steps. A new, clear image that you continue to improve and think about. Add emotions to the image. What will you feel like when you are there? Emotions are powerful in this exercise. And the Universe will hear and respond with like.

Change is never painful. Only resistance to change is painful.


I’ve said ‘small steps’ a number of times. Not everyone can go straight to imagination. Not everyone has a vivid imagination. So take the steps that are required to ignite your imagination. Some aides perhaps, a picture of two, a song, regularly visiting places where you see and meet the people who you wish to be like. You want a lean, toned body, a gym may be a great place to visit. You want to be better educated, a library may be the place for you just to be for a while.

How wild it was, to let it be.

Cheryl Strayed

Some of the Laws we are currently writing to each other about have been misrepresented to the world as quick fixes and elixirs for immediate improvement and benefit. That approach sells books to the gullible. Like this Law, most tell me there is a pathway to success, to improvement, to living as Source intended me to and it has to be worked at. After all, I’ve spent most of my life unwittingly working against the Laws. I have been really good at resisting and experienced the pain and frustration that goes with it. No more. I am where I am today. It just is as it is. No issue with that. But I’m moving on. I’m no longer staying to resist. I have a vision, a picture. Let’s get going.

Yours, dreaming rather large dreams,


8 thoughts on “Law 6. The Law of Resistance.

  1. I love the word process…it frees me up to take those small steps. I did it yesterday and today. Only ate half my lunch, and felt full. There is five of us, family, who have a 20 dollar investment in losing weight. We weigh the day before thanksgiving. But do I want it enough to pay the price as they say? Maybe, maybe not, we will see. Another good post Wic. You just keep throwing out wisdom with each post. Thanks again.


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