Do I Feel?

And here I am
Thoughts in hand
Asking do I really feel the way I feel?
Or am I destined to misunderstand
All that I ever knew?
Now I’m questioning what was said
I’m finding other meanings
All has run wild inside my head
Confusion conflicts my feelings
Where once I was so sure
There’s now doubt about my dealing
I’m going to consult my seer soon
In the hope of receiving healing

I’ll lay eyes open
Staring in the dark
From without I’ll dare to look within
I’ll see myself peering back
Searching for some eternal peace
Within my challenged thoughts I’d say
Some nights eternity is so appealing
I ask what this life has to give
The other side is so revealing
But I know eternity is all I have
That truth bears no concealing
Eternity is all there ever is
I hope this truth will deliver healing

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