Songs To Pogue…What I’m Listening To Now.

Good Day Pogue,

Today I’ve decided to send you a sound which is summed up in this song. You see, for as long as I can remember, I have loved the sound made by the Hammond Organ. And no one plays that instrument better than Stevie Winwood.

I’ve been playing this song, and the album it comes from, About Time, on and off all week. There are so many sounds to unpack in the performances! But the Hammond remains my favourite😎

You’ll recognise the song but maybe not this version. However, I feel, because of your good music tastes, you’re going to enjoy it.

Why Can’t We Live Together, Stevie Winwood and, for good measure, Carlos Santana.

I hope you feel some of the joy I feel when I listen to this. Try the album.

Yours, Rockin On,


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