The Bike

I rode a Harley Davidson
It was a cool machine
But before long I came to dread
The hours it took to clean
Often you find me on bended knee
Trying to give the chrome a sheen

I’d ride across the countryside
Seated in an easy style
Matched by the lazy pace
As I enjoyed mile after mile
And when I took my helmet off
You’d often see a big old smile

The bike it was a head turner
People would often stop to look
So when I parked I’d hang around
Conversations I undertook
Sitting astride the saddle
My leather jacket I’d unhook

But I didn’t ride on rainy days
On wet roads we’d not be seen
Because of the hours it would cost
To keep the bike washed clean
So one day for a BMW I traded it
No longer willing to pay for the dream🥺

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